Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Suggested Resource: The Numbers You Need to Know

In a way it's amazing there is still any emotion left when it comes to talking about the Nov 6, 2012 election. My goodness people have been running so loudly, for so long, so often for President - that it's almost become a part of our American culture. Right?

So if the emotions are absent, perhaps we should consider the facts when trying to move people to the polls.

I trust American Majority. If they put information out, or promote a certain message, I support it because I know who the people are behind the organization. You can trust this information.

So share it. Don't count on the goose bumps, thrills up the leg, tears or eager anticipation to drive people to the polls this time around. But that's okay: just give them the facts. Truth is the truth is the truth. And if people are listening with ears to hear, the truth will awaken them, set them free and move them into action. - ajh

Numbers You Need to Know -

Posted on Sept 13, 2012 on the American Majority Action blog
Anyone who cares knows by now that the national debt is a staggering $16 trillion. Candidates during this election season are using that number as a way to demonstrate the damaging fiscal policy of the President. As fiscal conservatives we also know that number is the result of a permissive environment in Washington that ignores mounting debt in favor of more borrowing and more spending on costly government programs. We know that this kind of debt threatens our freedom.

For all the liberals’ talk about how much Obama and his cronies care about the so-called “average American” or middle class, these numbers below – big and small – demonstrate a President who ... (keep reading)