Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Anticipation of an Unknown

The anticipation grows as the nearness of the looming day darkens our door.

The worst part is not what will be, but the unknown and what could be. It feels comparable to a rookie disarming a bomb. With sweat dripping down their face and adrenaline pumping, the mind races with the horrible question of "Do I cut the red or the blue wire!!" knowing full well, clipping the wrong one will end poorly for him and all those in its wake.

In the same way, many citizens face V-Day - Voting Day - with the same trepidation. Political operatives, passionate college students, concerned grandparents, parents and business owners are doing what they think best to bring about the best result, whether its literature drops, door knocking, reminder phone calls, prayer gatherings or one more rally. But just like the hesitant hero disarming a bomb, they too do not know the fool proof way to move more votes to the polls to result in a positive outcome. But they see the results with the potential of life-threatening repercussions. T

Has there ever been a day like the encroaching one, with so much potential for doom in conjunction with an American election? Those who know me and my love of politics may laugh at my dramatic statement. But this time there is more seriousness of this election, other than just an opportunity for Amy's dramatic pontification using emotional words.

The results on Election Day mean more than whether "my team" wins or loses. It has more to do with whether freedom returns to our great land or disintegrates even more from our grasp. But in this case, the results are based, not on a random lucky snip of the wire cutters, but on our voice at the ballot box.

What a powerful action. Who would ever think a vote would mean everything and a collective vote even more. Freedom or Tyranny for now and beyond? Only God and November 7, 2012 will tell.