Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Dear Friends,

Barry Brown is a bear of a man. A veteran and an athletic trainer, he is also the recipient of adult stem cell therapy.

When Barry learned he needed triple bypass surgery, he began working with Dr. Joshua Hare of the University of Miami's Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute. While undergoing heart surgery, Barry's adult stem cells - harvested from his bone marrow - were injected directly into his heart.
Did the treatment work? Well, on the third anniversary of his adult stem cell transplant, Barry ran a half-marathon of more than 13 miles.
Ethical stem cell research and treatment is working. As David Prentice, Ph.D., director of the Family Research Council's Center for Human Life and Bioethics, said earlier this year in congressional testimony:
Numerous peer-reviewed papers document improvement in patient health after adult stem cell treatment, including a paper published in 2008 in theJournal of the American Medical Association reviewing 10 years of studies and 69 published patient trials that documented the benefit to patient health of adult stem cells for autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, systemic lupus, and Crohn's disease, as well as acute and chronic heart damage and peripheral vascular disease.
You can view a video about Barry and other short films about patients treated successfully with adult stem cells here. FRC believes that sound science and moral integrity not only can coexist, but necessarily complement each other.

Adult stem cells save lives. Take a jog with Barry Brown and see for yourself.

Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice-President
Family Research Council

P.S. Read FRC President Tony Perkins' Washington Times op-ed on party platforms and the fall election to learn more about the stakes involved this coming November.

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