Saturday, July 21, 2012

People of Faith

What if the people of faith did their job for influencing society?

The truth is understood when the lies are exposed and revealed. But, let this question be pondered: have people of faith been looking for truth or simply accepting what they have been told?

We must actively quit listening to the false narrative that we don’t need to worry about influencing this world because – after all – Jesus is coming back soon and we’ll be taken up into glory! And for the sake of our own joy and purpose, as well as the legacy we should be leaving for generations to follow we must stop now getting tangled in the web of lies that we cannot do anything to influence the realm around us.

Why be focused on something else besides Jesus riding on the clouds to pick us up for heaven? Because God’s commission to us is greater than just eager bystanders with our bags packed.

And why should we toss out the farce that one person can’t change things? Because it's simply not true!

We have lied to the yearning-for-purpose image in the mirror by thinking, “I don’t need to do anything because someone else is doing it; I’m not good enough; no one will listen to me; things are too far gone for me to be able to change the direction.” 

But the most grievous part of this situation is that we have completely disregarded God’s Identity for Himself, and in return for us.

Quit asking others what they think. Ask God to show you Himself for Who He truly is. When we understand Him and recognize that He is within us – the whole world changes. Instead of a dingy, dirty and pathetic world we’re just passing through, we realize an amazing canvas that is pregnant with readiness to manifest God’s answers, miracles and displays of power.

Come on people of faith. Remember Who you serve – the world is simply waiting on you to know Him so then they can see and know Him too.

- ajh

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