Sunday, June 24, 2012

Translation Series: Questions to Ask Your Kids

So you're not sure how to get your kids engaged on the whole "election thing"? Not sure how to convince them that the freedom as we know it is slowly disappearing if we do not do something? Well, consider this:

- Do your kids know who the top leadership is of our country? No, I'm not joking. Don't get rattled at them for not caring about something they may know nothing about. Should they? Yes. But accept it that they may be completely clueless as to why the election is important, who they would be voting for, and why they should be voted in or out!

- Have you asked them if they are registered to vote? And when you broached the subject, you did do it in a questioning, conversational, I see you as an adult, tone, right? No demanding, disrespectful,  "I brought you into this world, I can take you out" tone, right?

- Have you casually addressed the crucial subjects with questions like: "Hey Billy, do you and your friends talk about what's happening with the government world right now? Current Affairs? State politics?" or "Sarah, did you see what happened on the news this week? What were your thoughts?" or "I've been following this subject on the news, Molly - but I'd really like your take on it. What do you think about ....?"

Remember, as much as adults don't like this, there is no automatic recipe in which to engage your children. The liberals are woo-ing them with t-shirts, cool slogans, rally cries to justice, compassion and purpose. But they need to be convinced with truth, appeals to their intelligence, respect and patience.

More tips to follow...