Monday, March 26, 2012

From Darkness Into Light

Did you know that light travels at over 186,000 miles per second? One of its definitions is something that makes things visible or affords illumination. And have you ever noticed what happens with darkness when you turn on the lamp, light the candle or the sun awakens? The darkness runs away and cannot stay. Its presence is only because of the absence of the light. 

Those in the conservative movement right now are overwhelmed with what feels like the crumbling of our nation. The list of grievances being performed by our own government and its leaders are too many to count. It seems the news highlights one negative story after another and some of them are beat to a pulp. To some the burden of the darkness is an ever growing weight.

Unspoken fears culminate around common threads: is it too late to preserve our freedom, dignity and virtue as a nation? Have we gone way too far, to never get back to how the founders framed our nation? And if it's not too late, what can we do to make sure something like this never happens again?

This post is to encourage you and hopefully put things in perspective as I think we are seeing fruit of our/your labors. I propose your consideration of three things.

For point one, we must always keep perspective.

The World English Dictionary defines "perspective" as a way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance. We must be consistent students of history. We must reflect on scenarios we have faced and consider: have they happened before? How have leaders dealt with mega crossroads? How did they determine an answer for the conflict? What did they learn from it?

Accounts of history provide us context to the situation and scenarios we face, both as a red flag of what could be coming or perhaps an indicator of encouragement: If they lived through it, we can keep going in our effort too! 

And in our quest for perspective, we must be asking questions of the older generations. How silly of us to take an extensive and potentially dangerous trip, and not be prepared. If you decide to take a safari into the jungle and you've never even been outside your back yard before, don't you think it best to have an experienced tour guide instruct you? Someone aware of the dangerous pitfalls and beasts, or of the beautiful havens of safety? You could try tackling the wild and awesome jungle on your own  but don't be surprised if the lions eat you for lunch.

If the older generations experienced Nazi Germany, the Holocaust, the riots in LA, the adjustments of culture when God was ousted from the schools, the discovery of new lands, the persecution of different groups in our nation, the conflict of political parties, the descecration of our freedoms - and yet they survived, it seems best to me to ask them how they would have done things differently. Our trip through the jungle would be much more enjoyable and successful if we would only have asked the experienced tourist how to do things so our trip is as safe, secure and prosperous as possible.

I want to know from our Grandparents and parents era things like: What would you have done differently? What were the indicators of this conflict your nation experienced that you wish leaders had heeded? What is missing from our set up right now as a people that is causing us to lose our way? What is your advise to us? What was life like when you lived with the looming presence of this or that atrocity? And what do you wish someone had told you, when you were in our shoes? 

But of crucial importance right now is the question What is your wisdom for us in this hour of our culture so to save it as a beacon of truth and light for future generations?

Onto the point two. I think it imperative for us to recognize what has been in the darkness but has now been exposed. To consider this point benefits us for our own gratefulness, our acknowledgement of how God is answering our prayers, and our own alertness to how things are shifting. How childish of us if we keep praying, asking God for answers, to improve things, to appoint certain leaders, to expose different truths - without realizing he's already given us x, y, and z!! It's like being the needy and desperate child who keeps begging for a snack, never realizing it's right in front of them. They keep stomping and crying and wringing their hands, and begging - and their mom says "Honey, I have now put 5 snacks in front of you. What else can I do before you notice I am listening to you!!!"

Here, let's try it realtime. Consider these stories and tell me that God has NOT been answering prayers:
  • Rod Blagojevich: he's gone to jail! Remember him? Oh the drama that caused a few years ago when it became exposed that he had been trying to sell President Obama's US Senate seat. He is one of many leaders whose "dirty laundry", including affairs, sexual addictions, distasteful business deals and more, are being exposed. And this is a very good thing. Some of our country's guilty leaders are being vetted and exposed for their lack of integrity.
  • Terrorist attacks thwarted! The Heritage Foundation released a piece in September of 2011, in honor of the 10 year anniversary of our horrid 9/11 attack, discussing forty foiled attacks since that fateful day. But how many of these did you hear about in the media? How many knew what our heroes behind the scenes were accomplishing? How many of us knew and experienced God's Divine Protection because of the exposure of these plots?
  • Fast and Furious: Facts being exposed. Everything has not been brought to justice yet but there is enough offensive smell to the situation that leaders are pushing to find the answers! This is good! There could be no notice at all! Our Attorney General, Eric Holder, thinks his department can gracefully dance through this "trial" but just because he can talk his way out of one scrutiny does not mean the conversation is over.
  • President Obama says No to Christians but Yes to Muslims? Perhaps we never realized all the times, scenarios and situations that have indicated President Obama's religious allegiances. But thanks to this report by David Barton, we now see in full (or 'more' in full) where the President stands. (Note: It is critical that these facts are put in front of every person of faith in America, for their serious scrutiny before the November 2012 elections.)
  • Ever heard of Peter Schweizer? He wrote Throw Them All Out, a book exposing insider trading among our government leaders in Washington DC. It was an "ouch" book for those who have been flying below the radar screen on how they play the financial game in DC, on our dime and time, to increase their own personal account. The result of this book? New legislation was put into play to start the process towards extinguishing this corruption. Read the report from Mr. Schweizer himself on the legislative efforts, the media outlets that have helped him, and the persecution he has experienced. Truth is exposing the darkness. 
I know there are more stories to record of leaders that are being exposed, disasters that are being thwarted, solutions that are being discovered and miracles that are manifesting in magnificent ways. I'm telling you, friends what is in the darkness is coming into the light!! 

We must take regular moments to say thank you to the news sources out there that are doing their job in the right way!! There are most definitely sources worthy of consideration. Never take one news source at it's full word but compare it to others to balance the perspective. Sites like CNS News or Family Research Council, Gary Bauer with American Values, Citizen Link, Christian Broadcast Network; or World Net Daily; The Blaze or GBTV; or the Drudge report are sources worth following.

My third and final point is this: we must continue to take action and proactively turn on the light! When the light (or truth) comes on the scene, the darkness has no choice but to be impacted by it. But the light does not always appear on its own. Oftentimes it needs "warriors" who will take initiative and light the candle, shine a light on what's hiding in the corner, ask the right questions to discover what is not being seen and be conduits that the light - or truth - can be conveyed through.

This hour in America is very discouraging at times. But we have only the choice of sitting down and giving up or continuing to do what we can to turn on the light, and expose the darkness. If light travels forward - into the darkness - at 186,000 miles per second that means the darkness disappears that quickly. And when the light comes onto the scene, everything changes.

I have recently discovered this poem that provides a whimsical yet roaring charge, and will serve as the end to this post. Do not grow weary my friend. Faith combined with action will accomplish many things.

Where There's a Will There's A Way

We have faith in old proverbs full surely,
For Wisdom has traced what they tell,
And Truth may be drawn up as purely
From them, as it may from "a well."
Let us question the thinkers and doers,
And hear what they honestly say;
And you'll find they believe, like bold wooers,
In "Where there's a will there's a way."

The hills have been high for man's mounting,
The woods have been dense for his axe,
The stars have been thick for his counting,
The sands have been wide for his tracks.
The sea has been deep for his diving,
The poles have been broad for his sway,
But bravely he's proved in his striving,
That "Where there's a will there's a way."

Have ye vices that ask a destroyer?
Or passions that need your control?
Let Reason become your employer,
And your body be ruled by your soul.
Fight on, though ye bleed in the trial,
Resist with all strength that ye may;
Ye may conquer Sin's host by denial;
For "Where there's a will there's a way."

Have ye Poverty's pinching to cope with?
Does Suffering weigh down your might?
Only call up a spirit to hope with,
And dawn may come out of the night.
Oh! much may be done by defying
The ghosts of Despair and Dismay;
And much may be gained by relying
On "Where there's a will there's' a way."

Should ye see afar off that worth winning,
Set out on the journey with trust;
And ne'er heed if your path at beginning
Should be among brambles and dust.
Though it is but by footsteps ye do it.
And hardships may hinder and stay,
Walk with faith, and be sure you'll get through it;
For "Where there's a will there's a way."
 - Eliza Cook