Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amy's News Items to Know from Recent News (3.20.12)

A few items you might like to know about... God bless you for all you're doing to keep our country free!

Politics: Congrats to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney! He won the Illinois Presidential Primary this evening. Former Senator Rick Santorum came in number two. Both of them will take home some delegates!

How About This Ethical Issue: Twins "conceived" after their biological father's death and now their mom wants to claim benefits. THIS is what we get for attempting to be God. Things get complicated.

A Pastor as - President in Europe?!?! Did you know that Germany has just elected a pastor, as their President? Well, now you do!  (Although the separated from his wife and "new partner" thing is a little intriguing).

Furniture Taking a Radical Stand? Hah! Amy that makes no sense, you say. Well, have you heard of the famous and successful business Herman Miller? They are in west Michigan. Well they are proud to say they are big supporters of the gay, lesbian, etc lifestyle. Pretty radical stand for the conservative community of western Michigan. I wonder if that is what Grandpa Miller would have wanted... back in 1923. Might want to look twice before you buy new office furniture.

Mark Your Calendar: 

  • Friday, March 23: First Annual Freedom of Religion Rally, Grand Rapids
  • Thursday, June 28: This marks the LAST DAY that the Michigan Legislature will work before summer vacation! If you have items you're concerned about, make sure you follow the policy and contact your elected leaders. 

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