Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Pray for Your Children

Pray that they would see the world through God's eyes, that they would know truth and obey God with full surrender.

Pray that they would realize their generation has been involved in group think. Pray they understand the questions in which to ask, that will break them out of this tight hold. And ask that God would give them wisdom on how to unravel the web of lies our generation has had woven about our hearts and minds.

Ask God to show you effective strategy for communicating with, relating to and reaching them. Ask God how to serve them.

Pray that God would give them a sense of destiny and purpose. That they would look to God as the Provider not government.

Pray they would discover the truth on our country's history. Pray that God would give them wisdom on how to lead others to the truth.

Ask that their own hearts would be softened to the truth, that their ears would hear and their eyes would see.

But also pray that God shows you (and me) how we need to change, where we're wrong, how we need to correct our own steps. Ask that God would show us how we need to look at the world through the eyes of the younger generation. Pray for patience, and grace and mercy. Pray for compassion of our own hearts for the next generations.

And continue to pray for mercy on our land, for protection for those responsible for protecting us and for healing to our families. Ask Him to show us how to heal the broken hearted, how He wants to redeem this land and ask Him to help us to embrace and live in forgiveness and unconditional love one to another.

Oh and may we remind one another to Listen to Him. Nothing is too great for Him. He has the strategy and the plan and the secrets... but we must listen.

Start giving God thanks: with Him is hope. And He's still busy doing miracles...