Thursday, February 17, 2011

Would I be the one?

I might be one of few who actually works late plus sorts through piles of paper because I want to, while intermittently listens to cspan, fox news live, and a few tunes in between. And in listening to a new Congressman in DC, I heard his heart of respect, and fresh resolve to honor the hollowed ground of history and decisions, his new responsibility and experience, and the place he will now hold in history. I respect and appreciate his intentions and resolve, very evident it comes from the heart. With one breath I hope for him the best, that he will walk away from that experience not loosing his integrity. With the next breath I can’t help but put myself in his shoes and I wonder: Would I be “the one”?

Would I be “the one” who would go to DC, or a central hub of power, with promises to be different from all the leaders before, to be a people’s politician, to be a leader of integrity and humility and then change?

Would I then be “the one” who, once settled in, allows the political power, routine and rhythm to enshroud me?

Would I then be “the one” under a hot moment of pressure, to compromise? And then try to justify in the next moment my decision for those who were holding me accountable?

Would I then be “the one” who would forget why I was there and embrace the age old “entitlement” mindset that I - more than millions others - deserve that seat of influence?

Would I then be “the one”, with media and supporters continually crowing for sound bites, results and attention, who grows weary enough to slip up, surrender or sell out?

In this 21st century, the American people are very much skeptical and jaded of the possibility of pure intentions and maintenance of integrity when it comes to politics. It is more believable that politicians are corrupt, persuadable and weak.

We are more familiar with the weakness of humanity than we are confident in a God that is alive and cares about the affairs of men so much that He will empower us to maintain integrity, not waver on principles and treat the position with honor. We in our humanity can’t withstand the power, fame and pressure but God in us can.

I wish and pray God’s best for all the new leaders in Washington DC, and state capitols around the nation. My greatest hope for them is that they acknowledge their own humanity, before they even start this whirlwind. But also that they would embrace God and His power within, to help them be leaders of integrity, honesty and humility. Even if all others around them falter, I hope that they will be one who will go home the same person who came in.

May our confidence as leaders always and forever be in The One and Only Perfect Leader. Without Him, I would definitely be "the one".