Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Old Men Turning Young Again

If any of these fine caliber of men are reading this blog, do forgive me for attaching the shunned stero-type of "old" to your reputation. I think you'll appreciate it as you keep reading.

I have worked this political arena for over seven years and spent a majority of time yanking teeth to try to get Christians engaged in the culture. If me screaming would have helped wake people up, I would have done it. But sadly I think even that wouldn't have mattered. The slumbering giant just wouldn't move.

But then came the 2008 election. A strong 'force' of leadership and ideals were promoted and empowered in DC. And sad but true, many started to push government to and even higher "god" level than accomplished by the leaders before them.

Yet. Suddenly! The proverbial giant awoke with a increasing boisterous roar! It seemed every limb, ligament and cell of the conservative body had been startled awake! And to those of us who had been attempting to shake the sleepy head for years, it took our breath away!

As things shifted and the giant got his bearing, tea parties formed, and Glenn Beck's 9-12 groups suddenly existed overnight (among other things). Millions traveled all across the country, with sacrifice, to congregate as one voice before seemingly powerful seats of government, in opposition to its gangrene expansion. But I started to notice, crucial details of the "giant's characteristics", making things crystal clear. For one, my generation was absent. And those who were in angst were parents and grandparents who wanted things changed now without acknowledging we were living in the harvest of their life time of inactivity. And a lifetime can not usually be redeemed overnight. Slowly it did become obvious to 'the old men - and women' that the 'young people were absent' because they as their leaders had not led them to the truth.

The question then arose: Will the new conservative 'radicals' (as the left likes to dub us) have longevity to their engagement? After a couple dissappointments (i.e. universal healthcare advancement etc) would this powerful patriarchal aged giant return into apathetic sleep? Surrendering to the idea that ground lost, could not be regained?

The 2010 elections were a home run for conservatives in hundreds of areas of the country. But today, those victories are behind us now and whether we like it or not, we have to think towards tomorrow. Will a moment of urgency as the 2009-2010 big government era presented, remain a motivating factor to keep the "tea party members" engaged? Or will the passion wear off?

This brings me to now.

I sit here, at the back of a board room, observing as a small posse of men sit tight around a board table hanging on the words of experienced leaders on how to be more effective going forward. And I realize, this small posse of wise old-er men (dads and grandpas) are in this fight ... for the long haul. For tomorrow and the day after that. Why? Because of me and my peers. They want to leave a legacy of freedom and truth in our hearts, minds and souls. And they are determined to do it well.

I can't help but notice, there is a resolved tenacity in their bearing. Emotions are close to the surface. These men recognize what their inactivity and lack of knowledge over the years has done to put us here. But they have moved beyond looking over their shoulders with regret of what they could have done in their youth to prevent our present predicament.

Instead, they are looking forward. They sit here with weight on their shoulders but a jump in their step. They have a vision now. They want to be engaged for the next generation. Their shirt sleeves are rolled up to their elbows. Brains and adrenaline are pumping and pens are scratching.

And you know what? As the elected officials - new and old - are in the process of 'learning the ropes' and it's yet to be determined whether they will follow the wish of the people in their voting, decisions and character as office holders, I'm hopeful. No, I am not hopeful in the salvation of government or that 'all is right' in the world now that we have new elected officials and the hour is sure to redeem all of the past mistakes. But I AM hopeful because of these warriors, who like real men, have humbly admitted the failures of their generation and are moving forward to make things better. For me. For my family. For my friends and their little ones. And for even my grandchildren to come.

The old men have turned  young again. With God in their center, servant hearts beating fast, they are prepared to lead. While my generation is still slumbering to what is at stake, I'm must say: I'd glad to have dads and grandpas leading the charge. With real men engaged with integrity, wisdom and courage, my generation will eventually notice. And perhaps this small band of brothers really will - with God's help - make the world right again.

I am honored to call them friends.

- Thoughts from a Millennial