Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where are the Reagan Babies?

As a child of the '80's I can't help but notice the absence of my generation at conservative gatherings. How is it that they do not recognize the hour we are in and the importance of engagement? Why do they not realize that the decisions made by government impact us. Literally. And not just for good but for impending impact on our pocketbooks and families which, for some of us, are even yet to come into existence.

But while recognizing their displacement, I also noticed: 53 million plus of my generation, called the Millennial Generation, and even those following are absent due to death in the abortion clinic. 

Our generation cares more about what is outside of America than inside it sometimes. We do care for life ... but more so in the underprivileged and hurting; with this comes the frustration that the needs of others are best met by the government. We have no concept of history and why things have been done a certain way or what consequences were caused because of similar decisions we face. We lack a long term and eternal destiny and purpose. And so much more ... 

Parents and Grandparents are showing up to rallies and grassroots trainings, regretting their lack of engagement over the past 20 years that has confronted us with this hour; but I like to tell them "My generation needs you. We don't know a world where abortion was not talked about, where stability and longevity of marriage were fought for, where less government involvement was the ideal, where religion in the marketplace was just assumed, where the elderly were valued and treasured, where hard work was something we just 'accept' and not something we avoid ... etc, etc. etc" 

I have heard for a long time, "Amy, it's going to be up to your generation to change things" but how can we change things if our regard for history is non-existent and we do not know how things are SUPPOSED to look like in America? 

While the Millenials may be absent from all the meetings, we desperately need those of the pre-Reagan years to REMIND us of how America is SUPPOSED to look. And we need educated on WHY to fight and stand for something other than socialism. 

Everywhere you turn you hear talk of "Reagan Conservatism" ... so perhaps we should also focus on mentoring, engaging, investing in the Reagan generation. We aren't lost yet ... we are simply waiting for others to take our hands through friendship and lead the way. What Reagan baby are you mentoring? I guarantee you minimal investment in their lives ... could change the direction of history.