Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hopeless Wanderer vs Confident Pilot

When you stand in the middle of a forest, deep in the forest, under the trees, with your feet planted on the leafy floor and branches hanging low over your head, the darkness crowding in as evening comes – all you know is what is right before you. You have no idea the world that is outside of the forest. All you care is finding your way out before darkness comes and you have to camp with the owls, and wait for the morning mist to wet your cheeks. Panic creeps in. Tears start to fall. You wish you had good cell phone service. You are so scared you don’t even have a voice to cry out for help. You entered the woods 3 hours ago, confident you knew the way to get to the other side. But now you faced the fact, you are lost. You’ve gone around in so many circles you really aren’t quite sure where you are. You need a clue as to what direction to go. But little did you know, that if you could see the woods from the pilot’s view who is flying over you, that the patch of woods you are in really isn’t that big. If you could see it from his view, you’d know with peace of mind that if you’ll only walk ½ mile west you’ll be in the middle of a bright field of wheat. And see a small village on the hill, restoring the confidence that no, you are not alone in this world. There IS life on the outside! You’ll realize what the dark woods has masked as deep evening encroaching, that it’s really the beginning of evening and if you hurry you’ll catch the sunset on the outside of the woods. The pilot knows the status and potential of the situation - Because he can see it. His kind eyes of a Dad can see things in a big picture perspective, sees where you’ve been and has empathy on the journey you’ ve made. He’s been there in the woods himself at one time. But the difference is he knows the way to guide you to safety. If only you’d stand in the clearing and wave him down for help … The key is, listening for the hum of the plane and you’ll know you’re not all alone. You’ll wipe the tear and get your bearing, put your chin up, make sure your shoe laces are tied and start to jog in the direction from which the plane has come. And – where moments ago, you feared you were all alone and a black evening awaited you – you now have hope of something better. I wonder how God sees the situation we face in Michigan of bleak economics. To us, right smack in the middle of the ‘market place’, we’re gasping for breath. We hear of still one more friend whos dad had to lay off all his employees, or another friend who got laid off even though his job performance outshown all the rest. But I wonder … what IF … all of those in Michigan took 5 minutes a day to talk to God and ask Him: God, I know you’re there. I may not know what all to believe about You, but I know youre’ there. Could you help me to see my situation and Michigan from Your Perspective? Show me which way to go. Give us solutions and answers and ideas …” And then turn off all the sound around you – for 5 minutes – and listen. Maybe THEN we’d all know His peace … that all is going to be okay. And it is. Because the bright fields of hope and prosperity and joy are coming again to Michigan. But the success of the journey is not based on how hard we try, or our own performance. But it’s based on the help of the Creator of Business and all things. God has the solutions. We just have to ask for a perspective from Above and we’ll know … with His perspective, we’ll soon be able to breathe again.